Kitsune - Have fun with the next generation hosting
Pricing Why Kitsune

Have fun with the
next generation hosting

Kitsune lets you have fun while being safe and secure. Spend more time developing the next best thing
and less time worrying about how you are going to show the world.

Features of Kitsune

Deploy with ease

Kitsune makes it as easy as possible to deploy your projects in the shortest amount of time.

Build, test, repeat

With fast deployments, you can quickly build and test your project in the real world in seconds.

Fallback protection Only with Kitsune

When your main release fails, fallback to a previous version to keep your project running.

Safe and secure

We prioritize the safety of your data, ensuring that everything is safe and protected at all times.

Have fun!

Development should be fun at the end of the day.
Go show the world what you've created!

The fun is coming soon...

Kitsune is still under development and we are working hard to make sure we deliver the best possible hosting experience for you.
Stay tuned for updates to come!

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